We provide all the essential services that associations require to function, grow their members and prosper. Our client associations share a visible, well located and resourced secretariat that is effective, sustainable and above all, respected by their members and stakeholders. By co-locating with us you can provide your association with access to exceptional systems, resources, skills and people that understand associations better than most. By subscribing to our full business model for associations, you get a viable, sustainable association with a great future.We have served this sector since 1953, making us one of the longest-serving association management companies in the world.

Our roadmap for smarter associations aim to:

·         Know much more about the members
·         Use knowledge about members to drive and deepen their participation
·         Automate admin and money stuff

Which is why we are implementing a new generation of smart association management systems. Systems that will automate mundane tasks, learn more about our members, smartly pulling members into activities, and turning reporting into a new art. We stay ahead because we think ahead.


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